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Halloween Crafts, Activities and Games

Fun halloween activity kits and halloween games for kids. Get crafty this halloween with these fun halloween craft ideas and happy halloween games for boys and girls.

Easy Kids Crafts For Halloween

by Susanne Myers

Are your kids excited about Halloween yet? We don’t have a day go by where my daughter doesn’t ask me if it’s time to go trick-or-treating yet. Keep them busy while they wait with these easy kids craft ideas you can do together.

Ghost Hand Puppet
Kids love playing with puppets and there’s hardly an easier puppet to make than a ghost. All you need is a white paper towel, or a white handkerchief, a rubber band and a black marker.

Ask your child to spread out her thumb and pinky, but keep the 3 other fingers together. Drape the paper towel over her hand and secure the rubber band around the three fingers. This will be the ghost’s head; the thumb and pinkie form the arms. Draw eyes and a mouth on the paper towel and the little ghost puppet is finished.

Ghost Lollipops
Dress up the lollipops you are giving away for Halloween by wrapping a white tissue or small piece of fabric over them. Secure it with a piece of string or a rubber band. Take a black marker and draw eyes and a round mouth on the ghost’s face.

Spider Webs
What would Halloween be without spiders and spider webs? Make these cute little spider webs with the kids and hang them in the window. All you need are 3 craft or clean popsicle sticks and some white or black yarn. Take two of the craft sticks and glue them together to form a cross. Glue the 3rd one right in the middle, forming a star shape. Tie one end of the yarn around one of the craft sticks in the center. Start weaving it over one craft stick and under the other. Keep going around, forming your spider web. Make sure you leave at least 1/4th inch of the craft sticks sticking out and secure the loose end by tying it to one of the craft sticks. Glue a small plastic spider in the center and hang your spider web up.

Witch Broom Pencil
Witch broom pencils make a cute Halloween gift that doesn’t involve candy. You can turn any pencil into a witch’s broom with a handful of household items. All you need is a regular pencil, some small twigs out of the yard, some string and a little glue.

Break the twigs into equal lengths pieces and line them up around the unsharpened end of a pencil. Make it look like an old fashioned broom. Secure the wigs with string, and then apply a thick layer of glue to keep it all in place.

Cauldron Candy Dish

To make this cute cauldron candy dish, start with an empty round plastic container (like a cool-whip container). Clean it, dry it, and then paint it black. Paint three small wooden balls black as well. After the paint is dry, glue them to the bottom of your plastic container. Add a handle made out of wire if you’d like and your candy dish cauldron is done. Just add some of your favorite Halloween candy.

Pumpkin Painting

Carving funny or scary faces into a pumpkin is a lot of fun, but it also gets quite messy and small kids can’t really do much since there’s a knife involved. Buy a few small pumpkins instead, or in addition to the big carving pumpkin. Use permanent pens or acrylic paint to draw funny faces on your mini-pumpkins.

Make a Halloween Costume

Would you like to quickly make creative Halloween costumes that you and your children will be proud of -- for a fraction of the price of store-bought? Susanne Myers has co-authored a book to show you how -- no sewing involved. Visit http://www.ILoveHalloweenCostumes.com to learn more.

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Inexpensive Craft Ideas For Kids

by LynnM

You don't need to spend a lot of money on craft equipment for your kids. Sure, you can if you wish go to the toy store and buy those overpackaged, overpriced kits. However, a little bit of thought and you can not only do crafts on the cheap, but you and your kids can have a lot of fun doing them as well.

Think before you throw out things. Pictures from old magazines can be cut out and used for projects such as collage. Greetings cards can also be used in this way, or the cut-outs used to make new cards. Newspapers can be turned into papier mâché.

Raid your sewing box for old buttons, pieces of wool or scrap material. Again, these can be used for collage or cards, and for making bangles, necklaces, or even dolls clothes.

A store cupboard item you can use for crafting with young children is dried pasta such as penne. Help them thread it onto string to make a long necklace.

Make your own playdough. Put 1 cup water, 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 2 teaspoons cooking oil and 2 teaspoons cream of tartar in a pan. Add a little food coloring and cook gently for a few minutes until the mixture forms a ball. Store in a plastic container.

Lolly or popsicle sticks, washed and dried, can be made into many interesting objects such as doll's furniture.

Paper plates make great masks. Cut out holes for the eyes and attach a piece of elastic once the plates are painted or drawn on. Halve the plates to make carnival eye masks and attach a popsicle stick as a handle.

A great place to find free craft materials is outdoors. Nature provides us with a wealth of ideas. In the woods, gather leaves, twigs or bark. An imaginative child will find plenty to do with them. While you're there, give your kids paper and crayons to make tree bark rubbings. See what patterns different trees make.

Flowers can be picked for pressing. You don't need an expensive flower press, just gently wrap the blooms in kitchen roll and place between the pages of an old book. Put it in a warm place such as an airing cupboard, weighted down if it's a paperback, and wait a few days until the flowers are completely dry.

The beach is another good place to gather materials. Small shells can be glued onto plain trinket boxes or picture frames to make highly individual gifts. Collect large stones and paint them. Make an interesting texture on paper by spreading glue over and sprinkling on sand.

Explore charity shops. Buy cheap glassware and crockery to paint on. Old wallpaper rolls are great for scrap paper and cutting out. You may even find books on crafts.

I'm sure that you'll come up with even more ideas for inexpensive craft ideas for your kids. Remember to be safety conscious with materials. And don't forget, have fun!

LynnM is a work-from-home mom. Read more about kids at her website Family Den.

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Halloween Crafts for Kid Parties
By Patricia Jensen



Butternut squashes of different sizes
White acrylic paint
1 inch disposable paintbrushes
Small paintbrushes for details
Black acrylic paint or indelible black marker
Small paper plates
Newspaper or old tablecloth for easy clean-up


Cover a large table with newspaper or an old tablecloth.

An adult should prepare each squash by slicing off the stem close to the top with a sharp paring knife. Leave just a bit of stem so the vegetable is not exposed.

Have each child choose the squash they would like to make into a gourd ghost.

Give each child a one inch paintbrush and pour a little white paint onto a paper plate. Let them paint a coat of white on their squash. Allow to dry. Add another coat of paint if the first doesn't cover well. Kids can play a game or two in between while the paint dries.

When the paint is completely dry, direct each child to make a ghost face near the top end of their squash with indelible black marker or black paint.

Just two round eyes and a round mouth look best.

Kids can write their names on the bottom of their ghost and take them home for a party favor.

Or, you can make gourd ghosts in advance for a Halloween party decoration. Group a few amiable ghosts of different sizes together on your table for a great party centerpiece!

Follow this link to see a picture of the finished Gourd Ghost craft.



Black construction paper
Wallet-sized photo of each party guest
White glue
White chalk


Take a headshot of each party guest or ask them to bring a wallet sized photo along to the party. Cut out the child's head as shown.

Have guests glue their photo on the top portion of a sheet of black construction paper. Now comes the fun part...

Make the skeleton bodies by gluing Q-tips to the paper under the head.

One Q-tip makes the body with three placed across it to form the ribs, then two arms and two legs positioned in a "V" shape.

Have guests sign their name on the paper in white chalk.

Patricia B. Jensen is a mother of three and kids party enthusiast. She is the webmaster and owner of Kids-Party-Paradise.com - a complete resource for kids party ideas including invitations, cakes, decorations, games, costumes, favors, and food.

For all the latest party news, read her Kids Party Blog.

Subscribe to the Kids Party Paradise Newsletter and get timely updates on popular new party ideas and themes, and so much more...

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